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The ‘Face off’ drug dealer that was hardly recognizable as a Thai man

Saharat Sawangjaeng was reportedly hiding from the police for three months until being apprehended last week, according to reports.

The 25-year-old is charged with bringing in significant quantities of ecstasy for sale to other consumers and sellers in Bangkok.

Saharat is accused of bringing in illegal drugs. According to police, he admitted buying MDMA, popularly known as ecstasy, on the dark web using bitcoins, the BBC says.

Saharat recently declared his desire to relocate to Korea and gave himself the Korean name Seong Jimin.

Police were told by witnesses that he was a “handsome Korean man.”

Saharat had previously been detained but was able to get away.

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Thereafter, in order to alter his appearance, he underwent a technique known as “face off” (after the Hollywood blockbuster of the same name).

According to the police, “none of his original face was remained.”

Theeradej Thammasutee, a major general in the Thai police, claimed Saharat was “one of the main sources of Bangkok’s MDMA pandemic.”

“At only 25 years old, he is a drug lord who imports MDMA from Europe. We think that suspects are more numerous elsewhere. We’ll keep looking into this “said Mr. Thammasutee.

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