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Airlines suggested the facilities upgrade to reach the hub status

Airlines upgrade bangkok one April

Thailand aims to become a major aviation hub in the region, with international airlines suggesting the development of facilities at key airports to attract more passengers beyond just flight services. Achieving a target of transporting 150 million passengers annually by 2030 is seen as ambitious, but improvements are crucial, according to Egaluk Ngiwprom, Southeast Asia marketing manager of Spring Airlines.

Efficient transportation connections between airports and cities are essential before expanding flight operations. Regional airports like Chiang Rai and U-tapao are seen as having the potential to attract international flights, but the lack of convenient transport options from these airports presents a challenge. Egaluk also emphasizes the importance of addressing the changing demands of independent travelers post-pandemic.

The relocation of Spring Airlines to the SAT-1 building at Suvarnabhumi airport is noted, with concerns raised about the inconvenience faced by passengers looking for amenities like shopping and dining. Unlike Suvarnabhumi’s crowded single terminal, Changi Airport in Singapore is cited as a model with four terminals providing easy connections and various leisure facilities.

Improvements in immigration processes, such as implementing biometric solutions similar to those in Singapore, are also recommended to alleviate congestion. To attract flights to lesser-known tourist destinations, Mr. Egaluk suggests offering incentives like reduced fees and promoting the unique attractions in those areas. Additionally, enhancing ground handling services with more providers could enhance service quality.

Spring Airlines, which currently operates fewer flights to Thailand post-pandemic, is looking to increase connections. Airports of Thailand Plc is offering incentives for new routes between 2023 to 2025, including substantial discounts on landing fees, parking fees, and boarding bridge charges in the initial years.

Furthermore, a recent event hosted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand welcomed 20 international airlines to explore opportunities at regional airports like U-tapao, Surat Thani, Krabi, and Chiang Mai for potential new flight operations.


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