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Boeing suspends 787 deliveries due to a fuselage problem

To fix the most recent problem, the aircraft manufacturer is collaborating with the FAA.

As a result of a recent fuselage issue, Boeing has stopped shipping its 787 Dreamliner aircraft. Although the plane manufacturer refers to it as a “analysis error,” they are sure that there is no immediate danger to the fleet that is currently in use.

Due to production issues, Boeing already put a yearlong pause on 787 deliveries; the most recent development has caused a nearly 3% decline in the company’s share price.

new issue

Due to the necessity for further investigation of the fuselage components of its Dreamliner aircraft, Boeing has temporarily halted deliveries of these aircraft. Deliveries won’t be able to restart until the Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) is 100 percent satisfied with the problem.

In addition, the government said that it is coordinating with Boeing to assess any actions that may be necessary for recently delivered aircraft. In a statement, Boeing said what had happened: “Boeing reviewed certification records and found an analysis error by our supplier linked to the 787 forward pressure bulkhead.

We have halted 787 deliveries while we finish the necessary investigation and documentation and have informed the FAA. According to Boeing, there are no current safety-of-flight concerns for the fleet that is currently in use, and the company is in touch with its clients and will keep up with FAA guidelines. Nonetheless, the manufacturer of the aircraft does not “expect a change to our production and delivery outlook for the year,” saying that near-term deliveries will be affected.

stoppage of earlier deliveries

The most recent announcement makes me think of the delivery crisis that recently plagued Boeing’s 787s. The FAA halted Boeing 787 deliveries in May 2021 as a result of production problems and questions regarding Boeing’s inspection procedures.

After this, the FAA said in February 2022 that it would not let Boeing to self-certify the completion of each 787 aircraft. This led to the FAA concluding the final airworthiness sign-off for every individual 787 aircraft, exactly as it has been doing for every Boeing 737 MAX since deliveries started in the wake of the Lion Air and Ethiopian Airlines tragedies.

A number of carriers, including American Airlines in the US and Vistara in India, had their plans affected for more than a year because Boeing failed to deliver even one Dreamliner. The manufacturer of the aircraft finally started making deliveries again in August 2022, giving a 787 to American Airlines, and swiftly increased the delivery timetable to more than 30 aircraft in just over a month.

Brian West, chief financial officer of Boeing, had previously stated during an earnings call that although ramping up production of the Dreamliner will take some time, they are still hopeful of delivering 70 to 80 Dreamliners to customers this year.

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