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Thai Police react to Chuwit’s Triads claim

According to Deputy National Police Chief General Surachet Hakparn, police anticipate to detain a Chinese person accused of having ties to triads today after the Immigration Bureau canceled his visa.

Yu Xinqi, the suspect, is still in Thailand, and police have been keeping an eye on his home in Bangkok’s Sai Mai neighborhood since Thursday, according to Surachet.

Whistleblower Chuwit Kamolvisit claimed on Thursday that Chinese triad members had entered Thailand through a foundation that Yu Xinqi had set up.

A national investigation into Chinese criminal gangs operating in Thailand with assistance from authorities, including customs, immigration, and police officers, was launched as a result of charges made by the former owner of a massage parlor turned anti-corruption activist.

Chuwit claimed in a Facebook post that Yu Xinqi created the Shaanxi Association of Thailand as a cover for triad activity and used it to cultivate connections with members of the Thai establishment, including monks.

Chuwit’s most recent Facebook revelation triggers an immediate police response

According to Surachet, who is in charge of the Chinese triad investigations, there is no proof that Yu Xinqi departed Thailand.

The suspect has been luring other Chinese nationals into investing with him by using pictures of himself with high-ranking Thai officials, saying that he has contacts with influential Thai people, according to Surachet.

The suspect had taken a photo with him, the deputy national police chief acknowledged, but claimed he was not aware of it.

Yu Xinqi will be charged with three offenses, including impersonating a member of the royal family, founding a foundation without a license, and public fraud, according to Surachet.

He stated that after the suspect is taken into custody, police will check his home and foundation for any indications of potential connections to illegal activity. According to Surachet, police anticipate that more people will complain against Yu Xinqi and submit information that may help with their investigation

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