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Cabs struggle with new pricing

Transportation Department The new fare still cannot be raised by the cab.

Transportation Department Bangkok has more than 70,000 cabs, and none of them have yet to announce a fee rise. Despite the fact that the fare increase announced by the Ministry of Transportation is already in place need to wait while the taxi adjusts its meter. and examine before starting the service. According to a statement made by the Ministry of Transportation about the calculation of the rate of pay for passenger transport and other service costs for hired cars transporting no more than seven people registered in Bangkok in 2022 to conform to the political, social, and economic climate. fares have not been changed for eight years.

The first day of a new taxi fee hike announcement is today, January 13, 2023. It is valid to be registered in Bangkok. The following table breaks down the fare based on the vehicle’s characteristics:

new prices

first 1 km distance

– Small automobile, 35 baht, 1,600-1,800 cc engine

– The cost of a big car (2,000 cc engine) is 40 baht.

2 to 10 miles away.

– Small/large vehicle: 6.50 Baht per km

11 to 20 miles away.

– Small car/large car: 7.00 baht per km

11 to 20 miles away.

– Small car/large car: 7.00 baht per km

21 to 40 miles away.

– Small car or large automobile: 8.00 Baht per km

41 to 60 miles away.

– Small/large vehicle: 8.50 Baht per km

61 to 80 kilometers.

– Small car/large car: 9.00 baht per km

Distance of at least 81 kilometers – Small and big vehicles Cost per mile: 10.50 baht

Small car/large car fee 3 Baht per minute in traffic congestion and for vehicles traveling at less than 6 km/h.

The Department of Land Transport has not yet announced a hike in Bangkok’s taxi fares, despite the fact that the new rates are already in effect. As a result, travelers must wait for the approximately 70,000 taxis that operate in Bangkok to arrive with their vehicles before the meters can be adjusted. Before using the car for public service, double-check the accuracy.

Deputy Director General of the Department of Land Transportation, Mr. Seksom Akkaphan The notice also stated that taxi drivers must use the meter to adjust the fare meter at the company that provides the meter in order for it to be accurate, according to a Department of Land Transport official. and deliver the corrected meter Tune in and visit Area 5 of the Bangkok Transport Office, which is where the vehicles are inspected. Condition inspection of taxis and other vehicles, Building 4, so that the staff can check the accuracy, confirm it, and seal the lead at the meter before putting them into use for the general public.

Taxi drivers can now easily rectify the meter thanks to the Department of Land Transportation. by working with 4 private companies, namely Powermatic Co., Ltd. (Printax, ROYAL brand), Suntime Meter Co., Ltd. (Brand Meter 3TM), GPS Thai Star Co., Ltd. (brand G-TAX), and THT Progress Co., Ltd. (brand PROFITTO), brought staff from all 4 companies to provide meter tuning services at Bang Sue Central Station (Bangkok Apiwat Central Station) from 16 January 2023 to 28 February 2023.

However, the meter must be flawless and free from flaws, and after tuning, the Department of Land Transport has made arrangements for staff to check the meter’s accuracy at Bang Sue Central Station as required by law. other than the aforementioned 4 brands of meters After having the meter adjusted at the business that sold the meter At Bang Sue Central Station, which is open from Monday through Saturday from 8:00 a.m. until 7:00 p.m., the meter’s accuracy can also be validated.

Further, the Department of Land Transportation’s Deputy Director General said The Department of Land Transport has made it clear that taxi drivers need to raise the level of public service they provide. not rejecting passengers Alternately, avoid exploiting service users by collecting more money than what the meter is set to. including strictly adhering to the land traffic and automobile laws.

To make sure that the announcement is proper and fair, strictly alter the travel costs. The Department of Land Transport will use the scoring system for public buses to regulate and monitor service quality after more than 8 years without a fare adjustment. to make operating and cab services more effective Penalize those who violate the law severely, including the possibility of license suspension or revocation.

The Public Transport Passenger Protection Center hotline 1584 is open twenty-four hours a day for reporting incidents involving taxis that violate passenger rights, drive recklessly, speak impolitely, or charge more than the meter.

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