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Couple and 2 grandchildren killed in pickup-motorbike crash

Four people on a motorcycle were killed in the northeastern province of Loei on Friday evening.

A couple and their grandchildren were killed when their motorcycle collided head-on with a pickup truck in Pha Khao district of Loei on Friday evening, police said.

The fatal collision occurred on the road in front of Debsirin Pattana temple in tambon Non Po Daeng around 5pm, Pol Maj Diao Khamhaengpol, an officer at the Pha Khao police station, said on Saturday.

Rescue workers at the scene found a man identified only as Kaew, 57, his wife Boonkong, 53, their 3-year-old granddaughter and 11-month-old grandson lying dead next to the white Honda motorcycle and the black Nissan pickup truck.

The pickup truck driver, Satapol, 29, suffered serious injuries and was admitted to Pha Khao Hospital. Surnames were withheld by police.

Witnesses told police that the pickup was travelling at a rate of high speed, causing the vehicle to veer out of its lane and hit the motorcycle in the opposite lane. Both pickup and motorcycle were badly damaged.

Police said the couple and their grandchildren had been travelling to a market to buy milk prior to the crash.

Police intend to question the injured pickup driver.

Credit Bangkok Post

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