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Finnair’s 100th Anniversary A350 Gets a Moomin Makeover

In honor of the company’s 100th anniversary, Finnair has decorated two A350s with Moomins.

Finnair stated this week that a new livery would be unveiled this coming week. Two Airbus A350s have been selected by the airline to fly in this new livery that honors the company’s 100th birthday.

Famous Moomins characters from a Finnish book will be depicted on the aircraft. These characters were picked by the airline for the new livery because they represent Finnish culture. The airline and the Moomins publishing house have long had a close working connection. 100th birthday celebration

As the airline gears up to reach 100 in November, the celebration liveries will be used. Although Finnair’s 100th anniversary isn’t until later this year, the company aims to reveal the liveries ahead of time so that the planes can be put into service and serve as a reminder of Finnair’s past and culture to many. To create and apply the new livery to the A350s, Finnair has hired the Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company.

One of the best independent aviation engineering and maintenance organizations in the world is widely regarded to be the Hong Kong-based business. Hong Kong International Airport has applied the new liveries to the selected A350s, registered as OH-LWP and OH-LWO (HKG). T

he first of these two aircraft, OH-LWP, will take off from HKG. Tomorrow, March 5, this aircraft will launch into the air. Once airborne, it will travel to Helsinki Airport to reach the hub of Finnair (HEL). On Tuesday, March 7th, this aircraft will depart from HEL and go to Tokyo’s Haneda Airport for the first time since getting its new livery (HND).

Soon, the second aircraft will also take to the skies. With the two aircraft carrying the airline’s 100-year livery, it expects to reach thousands of passengers around the world and serve as a constant reminder of Finnair’s illustrious history. Topi Manner, the CEO of Finnair, explained how the company hopes that its legacy will be publicized by its aircraft through the year 2023. Manner declared,

Consumers will be able to experience the centenary in a variety of ways throughout 2023 as we celebrate our past and prepare for the next 100 years.

Livery for culture

In addition to raising awareness of the airline’s history, Finnair’s most recent livery aims to promote Finnish culture. Two Moomin characters, Moomintroll and Snorkmaiden, will appear in the livery. Behind the wings, close to the plane’s tail, on the fuselage, are the characters. The Moomins are characters from a book and comic book series written and illustrated by Finnish author Tove Jansson.

The theme of the show is acceptance and camaraderie. The newspaper and its characters are a natural fit for the new livery because they have long been recognized as cultural icons in Finland. The characters, according to a statement from the airline, are an excellent embodiment of the ideals of the company. stated Manner,

The goal of Finnair is to bridge the world and improve lives. Moreover, this is the centennial’s theme. The Moomins are an excellent fit for our values since they stand for community, friendship, and having fun together.

Roleff Krkström, managing director of Moomin Characters, discussed how the livery is a wonderful match for the characters. Krkström remarked,

We’ve been collaborating since the 1990s, and Finnair is one of Moomin’s primary licensees. We’re thrilled to see this partnership continue with the new Moomin livery on Finnair planes.

The universal and everlasting principles of tolerance, acceptance, and friendship upon which Scandinavian nations are based serve as the foundation of the character brand Moomin. In the Moomin hug shown on the Finnair 100 livery, these principles are brought to life.

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