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Prayut’s sympathy arm seems to be working

According to a recent survey by the National Institute of Development Administration (NIDA), citizens in the southern province of Songkhla choose the leader of the United Thai Nation (UTN) Party as Thailand’s prime minister, followed by Paetongtarn “Ung Ing” Shinawatra of the Pheu Thai Party.

The Democrat Party was the most popular party among constituency MPs, followed by Pheu Thai, PM Prayut’s UTN party, and Move Forward.

The Democrat Party was once again the top option for the party-list MP system, followed by Pheu Thai, United Thai Nation, and Move Forward.

Between February 17 and February 23, eligible voters in the southern province of Songkhla were requested to participate in an NIDA poll, which asked them to select a candidate for prime minister.

The responses were:

Gen Prayut of the United Thai Nation Party received 26.00% of the vote, followed by Ms. Paetongtarn of the Pheu Thai Party with 18.46%, Pita Limjaroenrat of the Move Forward Party with 11.36%, and 10.36% who said no one was qualified. Other candidates receiving votes included Korn Chatikavanij of the Chart Pattanakla Party, Jurin Laksanavisit of the Democrat Party, Anutin Charnvira

When asked which party they would support in the party-list MP system, the Democrat Party came out on top with 22.91% of the vote. Pheu Thai came in second with 20.09%, United Thai Nation came in third with 17.18%, Move Forward came in at 13.18%, Bhumjaithai came in at 7.9 percent, Chart Pattanakla came in at 5.18 percent, and 4.0 percent of voters were still undecided. The remaining items were reserved for Thai Pakdee, Chartthaipattana, Sang Anakhot Thai, Thai Civilized, and people who did not respond or were not interested.

The 68-year-old prime leader was reportedly complaining of a swollen hand when he was rushed to the hospital on Friday.

While examining the patient’s swollen hand, hospital staff discovered an undiagnosed anomaly and decided to keep him overnight for monitoring.

PM Prayut may have had pseudogout, according to rumors. Pseudogout is a type of arthritis that isn’t brought on by too much uric acid in the blood, but rather by a buildup of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate (CPPD).

The knees and wrists are frequently affected by CPPD symptoms, which can also cause pain, stiffness, soreness, redness, warmth, and edema in some joints.

Maj-Gen Dr. Thamrongroj Temudom, who performed the procedure, excluded pseudogout however.

A troublesome lymph node in the right hand was discovered via an MRI scan.

The prime minister was instructed to rest his right hand for a period to heal, according to Dr. Thamrongroj. Lab testing on the lymph node were ordered.

The prime minister also thanked the public for its concern for his well-being while expressing his gratitude to the media.

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