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Quantas Airbus returns to HK

On March 26th, it will launch.

According to its most recent schedule update, Qantas will once more fly the A380 between Sydney and Hong Kong. The double-decker quadjet, which was previously utilized on the 7,372 kilometre (4,581 mi) route until February 2020, will make a three-year absence in March.

Airbus A380

Hong Kong-bound Qantas A380

Qantas will restart operating its A380 to Hong Kong on March 26. It is currently bookable and will continue through June 5th, though it is not yet known if it will be extended. The following is the schedule for April, all times are local:

QF127, 10:25–17:40, Sydney–Hong Kong (9h 15m block time)

QF128, 19:40–06:45+1, connects Hong Kong and Sydney (9h 5m)

Greater capacity in Hong Kong by 47%

Airbus A330

The number of A380 flights operated by Qantas varies depending on the week. It will completely replace the A330-300/A330-200 once it is used regularly. The A330 will run the other services once there are three scheduled each week.

It implies that between March 26 and June 5, there were 47% more tickets available on Qantas’ two-way Sydney–Hong Kong route, going from 41,928 planned last week to 61,496.

The reintroduction of first class is significant; Qantas’s A380s feature 14 first suites. Business class has also seen a significant improvement.

The 484-seat A380s that Qantas is reportedly planning to employ have 64 flatbed business seats, or around 36 more (+129%) than the A330s they are replacing. Also, 35 premium economy recliners will be available, which is a cabin type that hasn’t been available on the route in three years.

Nine or more A380 flights per day

Due to Hong Kong’s comeback, Sydney will have up to nine daily non-stop A380 departures from March 26 through June 5. The network type from the airport looks like this:

Sydney to… flights from March 26 to June 5 Airline (s)

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three maximum per day

Qantas, Singapore Airlines, and up to twice daily (daily)

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What does a day entail?

For instance, Sydney has nine A380 flights on Sunday, April 2nd, listed in order of departure time:

EK415, Dubai, 6:00 a.m.

EK412, Christchurch, at 7:50

Los Angeles, 10:20: QF11

QF127, Hong Kong, 10:25

15:00: Singapore, SQ222

15:55: QF1 to London and Singapore

QF17, Los Angeles, at 19:20

21:10: EK413 in Dubai QR909 in Doha at 21:00

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