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Teachers granted authority to confiscate e-cigarettes in schools

Teachers granted authority to confiscate e-cigarettes in schools

The Ministry of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Commerce, has empowered teachers nationwide with the legal authority to confiscate e-cigarettes in schools. The Deputy Secretary-General of the Office of the Basic Education Commission (Obec), Thee Pawangkanan, expressed concern over the prevalence of e-cigarettes, baraku, and e-baraku among students, emphasizing the negative impact on their health and overall development.

Despite efforts to curb this issue through cooperation with the police in monitoring and conducting raids on e-cigarette shops near schools, the existing challenge lies in teachers lacking the right to confiscate these items when found in possession of students or parents. To address this, the Education Ministry and the Commerce Ministry have now entrusted teachers, education personnel, and school directors with the authority to seize e-cigarettes and barakus within school premises as per Section 17 of the Export and Import of Goods Act (1979).

This proactive measure aims to suppress the use of e-cigarettes in schools and has been deemed essential to safeguard students’ well-being. The directive follows a recent initiative by Bangkok governor Chadchart Sittipunt to enforce e-cigarette-free policies in schools under the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, enabling thorough inspections of students’ belongings and educational sessions on the risks associated with vaping products.

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