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Thai Railway Execs find 3 damaged New ‘Ultraman’ Train

After less than a year of operation, the State Railway of Thailand hurried to inspect the locomotive “Ultraman,” finding three of them to be damaged.

If the locomotive “Ultraman” breaks down while still covered by warranty, look for water in the oil tank as a possible reason of engine failure.

The investigation into the issue of diesel electric locomotive (Diesel Electric Locomotive) faults in the diesel electric locomotive procurement project is being expedited by the State Railway of Thailand (SRT) as of today (January 13, 2023). (Diesel Electric Locomotive) SRT received 20 vehicles from the SFR joint venture, which they termed each other that 50 “Ultraman” locomotives.

Sanfogo International Co., Ltd. and River Engineering Co., Ltd. came together on this project in February 2022, and 15 further cars have just been delivered as the system is being tested. Because of the 20 automobiles that were previously delivered and used to tow a convoy of buses, 16 of the used cars in the convoy had issues, and 3 of them crashed, while the other 4 cars were parked in reserve.

At first, it was determined that the cause was due to water in the engine oil tank, which caused the Having failed, the locomotive is still covered by its guarantee. The business sector that provides must be held accountable for finding a solution.

In the matter of availability, the contract has, nevertheless, set forth a penalty. SRT is now taking into account Whether the private sector met the requirements of the contract, such as that 100 days’ worth of work must be completed in 91 days, etc. The remaining 15 locomotives are expected to be delivered around January 20, 2023, and if the contract is broken, the SRT would get a fine.

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