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Cyclone Gabrielle hits New Zealand

The largest city in New Zealand braces for Cyclone Gabrielle’s gusty winds and heavy rain

In the upper North Island of New Zealand, around 58,000 houses are without power as Cyclone Gabrielle approaches and brings powerful gusts, copious rain, and enormous surf to Auckland and surrounding areas.

Although her most devastating gusts bypassed Norfolk Island, Gabrielle passed over the Australian territory in the Tasman Sea on Saturday night.

As it approaches land on Monday and Tuesday, rain and winds are expected to pick up intensity. It is currently sitting just north of New Zealand.

According to Rachel Kelleher, Deputy Controller of Auckland Emergency Management, “The impact of Gabrielle is still in its early stages and more significant and severe weather is still forecast for Tamaki Makaurau (Auckland), later today into Tuesday morning.”

She continued, “This is not the time for complacency.”

People are being urged not to travel if at all possible as a result of the closure of numerous schools and local government offices in Auckland and the upper North Island. At least four additional regions, including Auckland, have declared states of emergency.

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