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Tragic accident highlights gun control concerns in Thailand

In the central province of Chantaburi, the shooting event happened last night at 9.30 p.m. at a longan plantation. Two victims were discovered at the spot by a rescue team and police officers from Baan Plaeng Police Station. Wachira, a 32-year-old lady, was one of the victims who was declared dead at the site. Her kid suffered significant injuries.

Choosak, the proprietor of the plantation, acknowledged being the shooter. He claimed that he heard someone strolling on his property while he was seated in front of his house, which was situated on the plantation. He fired rounds into the plantation to frighten them away because he thought they were robbers.

He checked and found that the two people he had struck were his cousin and niece. Choosak claimed he was horrified by what had occurred and made an effort to gather himself before transferring his niece as soon as possible to a local hospital and then going back to the spot to meet with the police officers.

According to the police, Choosak will be thoroughly questioned to verify his claim and more evidence will be gathered on the spot before prosecution.

This event occurs after a similar one last month, in which a Thai guy accidentally killed his best buddy when they were both out hunting in the forest because he thought the friend was a wild boar. During police questioning, the shooter sobbed and claimed responsibility for his friend’s death.

Given that a similar incidence happened just two kilometers away from the scene of the most recent shooting, several locals in the area speculate that both instances may have been connected by the paranormal force and bad spirits of the forest.

In all instances, the shooters are anticipated to face charges under Section 290 of the Criminal Law, which provides a sentence of three to 15 years in jail for unintended murder.

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