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Two members of the Thailand national football team were given 6 months suspension over fighting at the SEA games

The Football Association (FA) of Thailand has penalised three staff members for a year and barred two players from competing in national events for six months as a result of altercations at the SEA Games men’s football final on May 16 in Cambodia.

The broadcast incident, according to a statement from FA Thailand, has harmed Thai football’s reputation.

A panel assembled by the FA Thailand to investigate into the event unanimously decided that three players on the Thai national football team will be suspended for a year.

They are Prasobchok Chokmor, Pattravudh Wongsripeuk, and Mayeed Mudadum.

The committee claims that because they are senior personnel with in-depth knowledge and are in charge of training the athletes, they should have set an example.

However, in this case, the committee gave them the harshest punishments because they took part in the battles directly.

Soponwit Rakyart, the goalie, and Teerapak Pruengna, the substitute, became involved in the altercation after becoming upset and feeling pressured during the game.

Both teenage athletes, according to the committee, publicly apologized for their behavior after the incident and expressed regret for their behavior, which is why they were given a less penalty.

They were prohibited from competing in any national events for a period of six months.

Thailand was trailing Indonesia 2-1 in the second half of the match when the referee blew the whistle to award Thailand a penalty.

The coaches of the opposing side, on the other hand, thought the game was over and entered the field to rejoice.

Thanks to the penalty, Thailand was able to tie the score 2-2. Following the goal, the coaches and players of the Thai squad began making fun of their Indonesian adversaries. The first battle followed, which was broadcast.

A forward from Indonesia named Titan Agung was observed kicking and swinging at the Thai coaches. After that, players from both teams got involved, starting a brawl that caused the benches to be emptied.

By the time the referees were able to break up the fight, a quarter of the stadium had been taken over.

The players of Indonesia taunted Thailand to get revenge after scoring later to make the score 3-2. Then another altercation started.

Indonesia was awarded the gold medal after defeating Thailand 5-2.

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