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3 Boeing 737 MAX 8s added by Iraqi Airlines in one day

Three deliveries! 3 Boeing 737 MAX 8s are added by Iraqi Airlines in one day.

Four 737 MAX 8 aircraft will now be part of the fleet of the Iraqi airline.

Three Boeing 737 MAX 8 airplanes took off sequentially from Seattle Boeing Field on March 24. (BFI). The three aircraft were on their way to Baghdad International Airport (BGW), maybe to relocate there for Iraqi Airways (as the airline has multiple bases).

The airline is off to a thrilling start to this year. The airline has been receiving increasing numbers of next-generation aircraft, with its first 737 MAX arriving in February and its first Boeing 787 just leaving the production line.

Information about flights and aircraft

The three Boeing 737 MAX 8s delivered to Iraqi Airways are registered as follows, according to BOE Family Flights: (MSN 65406/8538) YI-ASX

(MSN 65410/8529) YI-ASN

(MSN 65409/8516) YI-ASM

Prior to taking off for delivery, the three aircraft each completed three to four test flights, totaling five to eight hours of flight time.

Although these next-generation narrowbodies’ range is far greater than that of earlier generations, they still can’t travel nonstop from Boeing factories to the Middle East. In this instance, two legs were needed, which is still pretty amazing!

The aircraft were most recently delivered to Iraqi Airways, and they initially flew from Boeing Field to Iceland’s Keflavik Airport. In the early hours of March 25, all of the aircraft arrived within a 30-minute period and rapidly refueled before continuing their flight to Iraq.

The planes are still flying over Europe on their way to Baghdad as of the time this piece is published. Between 13:13 and 13:24 local time is when they are supposed to arrive.

Iraqi Airlines had a successful year.

When Iraqi Airways receives additional brand-new, cutting-edge aircraft from both Airbus and Boeing, it’s an exciting time for the airline. Many more aircraft are anticipated to come this year, even though its first two Airbus A220-300s landed in late 2021. In December 2022, the carrier ordered its third A220, and in January 2023, it ordered its fourth.

The newest delivery will include the airline’s second, third, and fourth 737 MAX airframes after its debut of the model in February. Regarding widebodies, the airline’s first Boeing 787-8 was observed in mid-March at Boeing facilities in Charleston. The airframe may take some time to arrive in the Middle East because, according to BOE Family Flights, the aircraft isn’t known to have made any test flights yet. Nine 787-8s and one -9 are expected to be delivered to Iraqi Airlines.

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