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Air China Debuts Brand-New Airbus A350 Business Class Cabin

Swanky: Air China Debuts Brand-New Airbus A350 Business Class Cabin

The redesigned cabin has chairs with cutting-edge ergonomic features and a nearly 80-inch lie-flat length.

Air China, based in Beijing, showcased a brand-new business class cabin for the Airbus A350. On Friday, pictures of the interior, which features nods to traditional Chinese culture, were posted on the airline’s Facebook page.

The new cabin’s eye-catching design includes mini-suite-style seats that provide more than six feet of lie-flat bed length while maintaining a high-density seating arrangement. The changes to the interior were first revealed by Air China in 2021.

An interior peek

One essential component of the interior are the new Recaro CL6720 business class seats. The new, more compact seats, according to Jonny Clark of TheDesignAir, replace the old Super Diamond seats seen on the remainder of the A350 fleet (LOPA).

The seats have full-height walls that add the benefit of seclusion, resembling a full-size suite like those found in some airplane cabins. Despite the fact that the design permits it, it appears that Air China chose not to give the mini-suites doors.

According to reports, the purple seats on Air China’s version of the seat have a new design. The suite’s side walls are blue, which brightens the space and complements the color of the seats.

According to Clark, the chairs have the conventional appearance and feel of the seats on other planes for the carrier, but little brushes of gold trim provide a deeper depth to the general palette.

The apparent reduction in personal space relative to the Super Diamond seats was also mentioned by Clark, but it is not yet known which A350s will be used on which routes.

larger while still being spacious

The CL6720, according to the seat’s manufacturer, enables airline passengers to travel in comfort.

“The CL6720’s spacious living area and best-in-class comfort features take luxury to new levels. Nothing less than the next evolution of business class travel is being offered. The new CL6720’s optional sliding doors and individually programmable settings give the impression of being in a mini-suite.

We refer to “traveling in style” as having more space, modern styling, and high-quality trim and finish materials. All personal items fit well in the roomy and functional storage. This business class seat is one of the most layout- and weight-efficient in the business, yet having no shortcomings.”

Recaro also showed some of the features of its mini-suite while promoting its cutting-edge new business class chair:

Maximum passenger space in high-density layouts is the goal of layout efficiency.

Sliding doors and privacy dividers in the little suite

Best-in-class seat kinematics and cushion softness for maximum comfort

Generous Stowage: Lots of room for personal items

Modern Design: Attractive Style, Superior Trim & Finish

RECARO quality and dependability in every detail lowers total cost of ownership.

a significant shift in the field

According to Recaro, the CL6720 has cutting-edge ergonomic features like many positions for comfort, a six-way adjustable headrest, superior foam technology, and a 78-inch seat width “(1.98 meters) long lie-flat bed.

With the recent disclosure, Air China has raised the bar for potential long-distance rivals. Chinese airlines have historically lagged behind the majority of other airlines with long-haul aircraft when it comes to long-haul cabin items.

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