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Air Canada from Vancouver to Bangkok diverts to Hong Kong

Air Canada Bangkok one Feb 7 2024

An Air Canada flight heading to Bangkok had to divert to Hong Kong due to a passenger falling ill onboard. The flight, operated by an Air Canada Boeing 787 (specifically, registration C-FRSE), usually travels between Vancouver and Bangkok. On February 4, flight AC65 declared an emergency and redirected to Hong Kong.

The flight departed from Vancouver at 11:10 PM local time and experienced the need for an emergency descent upon entering Hong Kong airspace. The aircraft landed safely in Hong Kong at 4:54 AM ICT after activating a squawk code of 7700, which indicates a critical situation requiring a priority landing.

Reports suggest that the emergency was caused by a medical incident onboard, leading to the activation of the 7700 squawk code. After safely offloading the affected passenger, the flight resumed its journey from Hong Kong to Bangkok. The aircraft departed Hong Kong at 8:13 AM and landed at 9:41 AM, finally completing its disrupted journey.

According to data from Planespotters.net, C-FRSE is a 7.1-year-old Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner that was delivered to Air Canada in January 2017. Air Canada currently operates a fleet of 31 Boeing 787-9 aircraft, with 28 actively in service and three parked. The average age of their 787-9 fleet is 6.7 years.

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