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Air Force One new deliveries delayed

The aircraft’s color scheme will closely resemble the present livery. The United States Air Force reports that the delivery of the following “Air Force One” aircraft has been postponed for an additional three to four years. The Air Force also revealed on Friday that President Biden chose the new livery, which is comparable to the design of the Air Force One aircraft currently in service.

Additionally, the aircraft will have distinctive improvements to offer the President and crew dependable and safe air service. The upgrades are being made by the VC-25B program, which will ultimately provide the Air Force with two new aircraft.

larger and newer

Air Force One is a radio call sign given to any aircraft transporting the President of the United States rather than an actual aircraft (POTUS). The two Air Force One jets now in service are repurposed Boeing 747-200B planes, also known as the VC-25A fleet.

The arriving planes, which will be somewhat bigger 747-8I variants, will be designated VC-25B by the Air Force. The planes will use less fuel and operate more cheaply because they are the most recent variant of the 747. alterations to the livery

The redesigned livery closely recalls the style of the VC-25A aircraft, but the Air Force claimed that the new appearance would also bring it into the twenty-first century.

The livery on the VC-25B fleet has three main differences from the livery on the VC-25A due to the bigger fuselage. The Air Force claims that the light blue of VC-25B is a little bit darker and has a more contemporary tone than the robin’s egg blue on VC-25A.

Moreover, the new 747s’ engines will be painted a darker shade of blue than the VC-25A’s robin’s egg blue. Moreover, the VC-25B does not have a polished metal part since the latest commercial aircraft skin alloys do not permit it. The red, white, and blue livery was shown in the jet’s original concept drawings since it had been declared as a preferred livery in 2019 while former President Trump was in power.

Trump first determined that the plane would sport a design based on the American flag’s colors, but the decision drew mixed reviews. During a thermal analysis, it was determined that the dark blue hue of the design will necessitate additional Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification testing for a number of commercial components due to heat in specific situations. President Biden disclosed that he would switch to a color scheme that is very similar to the current livery due to the increased costs for testing.

Until this year, Boeing was not compelled to make a formal contractual choice on the new livery for the VC-25 B. The business will now carry out program engineering, certification preparation, and supplier selection activities.

alterations to aircraft

The new Air Force One will be significantly altered, much like the current one, to give the President, his staff, and visitors a safe and dependable flying experience along with communications capabilities and security on par with that of the White House.

In addition, according to the Air Force, there will be changes to the electrical power, a mission communication system, a medical center, an executive interior, a self-defense system, and capabilities for autonomous ground operations. The jets’ retrofitting is expected to cost $3.9 billion.

The current aged VC-25A fleet, which has been carrying US Presidents for more than 30 years, will be replaced by the new aircraft. There are gaps in the fleet’s capabilities, increasing maintenance expenses, and parts that are getting dated.

Deliveries of the VC-25B are anticipated to begin in 2027 for the first aircraft and in 2028 for the second aircraft. According to The Air Force, the VC-25A fleet will be accessible and mission-ready up to that point.

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