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Air India to hire every Vistara employee

After the merger, Air India will hire every employee from Vistara. 

The CEO of Vistara has guaranteed that there will be sufficient job possibilities in the combined airline. Integration of the staff from the two airlines is a big aspect of the Air India-Vistara merger. Employees at Vistara, who will see their firm collapse and transition to a new airline, will probably be more impacted by the change. All Vistara personnel would be merged into Air India, according to Vistara CEO Vinod Kannan, and there will be plenty of options to explore in the new business. 

The major change 

With the merger of the two airlines, all 5,000+ Vistara employees would be able to find employment with Air India. There will be chances for everyone in the larger unit, Vistara’s CEO Vinod Kannan stated in an interview at the CAPA Aviation Summit in New Delhi. They will all be included into the new amalgamated business. 

Kannan further emphasized that nearly 80% of Vistara’s employees hold operational positions. They include, among others, pilots, flight attendants, and engineers. All personnel will undergo a transition as Vistara’s aircraft eventually merge with Air India’s fleet.

The fact that Air India did not hire staff for numerous divisions for the previous 15 years while it was owned by the government benefits both carriers. Finding new chances and comparable positions should therefore not be too difficult. Kannan continued, 

“We promise to find a space for you, Vistara personnel, we will. Although it might not have the same title, same classification, etc. as you, it will still be something with which you feel at ease. 

ongoing process of integration 

The enormous work of merging the two airlines is moving forward at top speed. In order to meet the timeframe of early next year for completing the merger, both airlines are working diligently to fill suitable positions for management executives as well as obtain regulatory permissions. 

For non-flying employees who are being considered for leadership positions, interviews are being held at various levels. The senior to mid-level executive who best fits the position will be kept on, and other candidates may be offered a new position if one becomes available. To obtain their approval for the integration, organizations like the DGCA, the Ministry of Civil Aviation, and the competition commissions of Singapore and India are being contacted. 

keeping up product quality 

Employees at Vistara have put in a lot of effort over the past eight years to create an airline that is well-liked in India. Yet, the merger also necessitates the dissolution of the Vistara brand in order to accommodate the success of Air India as it sets off on a road of profound transformation. 

Yet, both airlines are eager to carry over part of Vistara’s heritage in terms of workplace culture and a superior product range for passengers. It is hoped that Air India will gain from Vistara’s staff’s expertise in managing an airline in a corporate setting after the merger. 

Customers of Vistara were further reassured by Kannan that they could anticipate the same caliber of goods and services even after the merger because Air India is currently modernizing its aircraft cabins and level of customer care.

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