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Almost 20% of Thai people will benefit from new Welfare ID’s

According to minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith, the ministry will present the strategy for this year’s first round during the Cabinet meeting on Tuesday.

He anticipates beginning to distribute the benefits on April 1 following Cabinet approval.

Almost 22 million people have signed up for the program so far. Only 14.5 million low-income individuals have met the requirements and are qualified for the benefits, according to Arkhom.

If the Cabinet approves the program, the list of eligible registrants can be viewed at welfare.mof.go.th.

According to Arkhom, those who do not qualify will have 60 days following the publication of the list to file an appeal at Krungthai Bank.

Those in this group will also receive payments that have already been paid out retroactively, he continued, if their petitions are approved.

Until the Finance Ministry announces the conclusion of the prior round, cardholders who have already received their benefits may continue to use them. They will immediately be eligible for rewards under the new round if they are still eligible for the scheme. After the preceding round concludes, those who are no longer eligible for the program have one month to use any remaining benefits.

Candidates must be above 18 years old, have Thai nationality, earn less than 100,000 baht annually, and have financial assets (deposits, bonds, etc.) worth less than 100,000 baht in order to qualify for the program. Their home cannot be larger than 25 square wah (100 square meters), or 35 square meters if it is an apartment. Their land must not be more than 10 rai (1.6 hectares) for agricultural usage or 1 rai for non-agricultural use.

A 300 Baht monthly cash handout, a 500 Baht credit for public transportation, reductions on cooking gas and utility bills, and additional cash handouts for the elderly and disabled were all previously offered as welfare card benefits.

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