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Angry British man pays compensation to Thai lady

A Thai woman accepted an apology with compensation from a British man who smashed a glass next to her because a dog next to her was barking.

Amavalee Tongfak, 37, suffered a cut on her arm after a foreigner who sat behind her smashed a glass at a cafe on Jomtien Beach because this man was irritated by a dog’s barking on Friday, March 1.

Even though she informed him it wasn’t her dog, the man refused to accompany her to the hospital or pay for her injuries and said, “I don’t care,” before he fled with three friends.

A woman who came with him said he’s British and his name is Sam. Later, a Pattaya tourist police officer and police officers from the investigation team at Na Jomtien Police Station identified a British man and asked him to come for questioning at the police station on Sunday.

Full story: http://kaosodenglish.com

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