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Bangkok Yellow Line must replace all bolts on finger plates

Bangkok Yellow Line must replace all bolts on finger plates

The Rail Transport Department has ordered Eastern Bangkok Monorail (EBM) to replace all the bolts used to tighten finger plates along the entire length of the Yellow Line track, after it was discovered that some bolts were missing between the Rama 9 and Si Udom stations, due to joint expansion. They fell onto the walkway below.

The Yellow Line concessionaire was also ordered to speed up the recovery of a train which is blocking a track, so that the full service can resume, said Pichet Kunadhamraks, head of the Rail Transport Department, adding that the removal could take 2-3 months.

Pichet and his officials inspected the Yellow Line yesterday, as part of an investigation into the cause of debris falling from the track and to observe the repairs.

He also ordered the company to increase the frequency of inspections of expansion joints, to ensure they are working properly.

A partial service resumed on Friday, after a one-day suspension, but passengers travelling from Lat Phrao or from Samrong will have to transfer by shuttle bus to trains at Hua Mark station in one direction and at Si Iam station in the other.

The frequency of train service between Lat Phrao and Hua Mark stations is every ten minutes (five minutes during rush hours). From Si Iam station to Samrong station, it is every ten minutes.

From Hua Mark and Si Iam stations, however, only one track remains open, due to the stranded train, so a train leaves every 25 minutes.

Passengers are advised to allow additional travel time but, due to the inconvenience, passengers are being offered a 20% discount until normal service is resumed.

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