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Bomb Explosion in South

Three people were injured in a bomb explosion in South’s Narathiwat province.

They sustained their injuries when their pickup truck flipped over from the force of the bomb explosion in the southern province of Narathiwat on Thursday evening.

Police quoted the driver as saying that the explosion sent the pick-up truck flipping over four times and eventually landed on its side on the road’s shoulder. The explosion took place on Highway No 4217, which runs through Ban Iso village in Narathiwat’s Chanae district.

The three victims suffered minor, non-critical injuries and have been sent to a hospital in Chanae for a check-up. The truck also knocked over an electricity pole some 40 metres from where it landed.

Police learned that the explosive was strapped to a 25-kg propane canister in a 2-metre-wide, 1-metre-deep hole in the road. Officers also said they believe the bomb had been detonated by a fuse leading to a thick forest along the road, where the suspects may have been hiding.

Police suspect there may have been more than one person involved and that the perpetrators mistook the pick-up truck for a security vehicle that regularly patrols the area.

The police and military are hunting for evidence to find out who may have been behind the explosion.

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