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An purported bomb threat forces an emergency landing in Japan. 

According to public broadcaster NHK, which cited police sources, a budget airliner operated by Jetstar made an emergency landing in central Japan.

On Saturday after authorities received what appeared to be a bomb threat from an international caller. 

According to NHK, which cited police sources, a guy in Germany called Tokyo’s Narita airport at 6:20 a.m. Japan time and claimed to have planted a bomb on the plane. 

An airport spokeswoman informed CNN that the domestic flight from Narita to the city of Fukuoka in the southwest was diverted to Chubu airport. 

NHK stated that all 136 passengers and six crew members got off the plane at that point. 

NHK, which showed passengers using emergency chutes to exit the plane, said that at least five of them suffered minor injuries as they did so. 

Pictures posted to social media show a Jetstar-operated Airbus A320 with its chutes deployed and its passengers being evacuated around it. 

According to NHK, who cited police sources, the caller threatened to detonate 100 kilograms (220 pounds) of plastic explosives if the “manager” didn’t speak with him or she. 

The caller claimed to have placed the explosives in the aircraft’s cargo hold. 

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According to NHK, no bombs were discovered on board the aircraft. 

Flights at the facility have resumed after a four-hour halt, according to a spokeswoman for the Chubu airport, and the event is being looked into.

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