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Coolest gadgets of 2022

Want to level up your home tech? From a smart motion-activated faucet to a hologram device, these cool gadgets have the tech your futuristic home needs.

The Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is a stylish monitor for home offices. It also works as a smart TV and hub for smart home gadgets.

Coolest gadgets of 2022 you'll want to have in your home today
Samsung Smart Monitor M8 in a kitchen

The ideal monitor for any work-from-homer, the Samsung Smart Monitor M8 is only 11.4 mm thick. It’s a joy to work at and, even better, becomes a smart TV once you’re done for the day. If you ever need to manage your smart home while you’re working, it serves as a hub for SmartThings.

 The Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control makes your hygiene routine easier with its touchless tech for controlling the water flow and temperature.

Coolest gadgets of 2022 you'll want to have in your home today
Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control in use

You probably haven’t seen a faucet quite like the Moen Smart Faucet with Motion Control. Practicing good hygiene is easier with its motion, voice, smartphone app, and handle controls. You can also preset temperatures and amounts, which is why it made this list of the coolest home gadgets in 2022

The FITURE interactive smart fitness mirror elevates your workouts with access to some of the best instructors in the world and its stylish design.

FITURE interactive smart fitness mirror
FITURE and a woman exercising

Want to work out with some of the most renowned fitness trainers? The FITURE interactive smart fitness mirror brings them to your living room through its classes. What’s more, the live form correction feature helps you fix poor positioning immediately, just as a real-life trainer would. This makes it one of the coolest home gadgets of 2022.

The Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector is a smart movie theater you can take anywhere, and its 180° design gives you flexibility.

Coolest gadgets of 2022 you'll want to have in your home today
Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector on a table

Shine your entertainment on the ceiling, a vaulted wall, and more with the Samsung Freestyle Portable Projector. Its 180° design gives you more projection options, while the compact shape easily fits in a backpack.

The SwitchCubic pocket PC & projector is small enough to carry in any bag, yet it projects a screen size of 30 to 120 inches, saving space.

These tech gadgets can entertain you without taking up much space
SwitchCubic front and side view

Don’t want to overcrowd your living room with a large TV? Get the SwitchCubic pocket PC & projector. You can adjust its size from 30 to 139 inches. Then, it projects your computer display onto any flat surface, making it one of our favorite space-saving entertainment gadgets.

By Lauren Wadowsky 

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