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Flip flop thief suspected to be former offender with a foot fetish

A security camera at a rental house in Nonthaburi province near Bangkok captured footage of a man with a foot fetish stealing six pairs of flip flops on Monday. The thief was reported to be a former offender who was arrested three years ago.

Wiroj Suvanrnkrue, a 52 year old resident of the Bang Bua Thong district in Nonthaburi, asked the media to spread the word about a thief who has been stealing flip flops in the area.

According to Wiroj, some of his tenants reported that their shoes had gone missing after leaving them outside their rooms. Upon reviewing security footage, he discovered that the thief had struck around 2am on March 27.

The video shows a man in a rescuer’s uniform arriving on a motorcycle and checking each room on the first and second floors with a flashlight. He ultimately made off with six pairs of flip flops, while leaving more expensive shoes untouched.

Wiroj suggested that the man may be stealing the shoes to resell them. He left a message for the thief saying…

“Stop doing this. Each asset has a different value depending on the person. Flip flops might be a cheap possession in your opinion, but some people saved the money to buy them. Go find a job!”

Several Thai media outlets allege that the flip flop thief may be the same person who was arrested in 2020 for stealing flip flops to facilitate his masturbation fetish.

The suspect in this recent case looks similar to the one arrested three years ago, 24 year old Theeraphat “Toon” Klai-ya. They wore similar rescuers’ uniforms and only targeted flip flops.

Toon was arrested on May 24 at his accommodation in Nonthaburi. Police discovered 126 pairs of flip flops that he stole from residents living nearby. He confessed that he had a shoe fetish and stole them for masturbation purposes. He was reportedly arrested for the same crime in 2019 as well.

Recently, a man was caught on CCTV camera at a dormitory in Chon Buri, cutting a hole in a motorcycle seat and masturbating on it. The motorcycle belonged to a female university student who lived in the dormitory. Her friend shared the CCTV footage on social media to warn others living in the area, but the victim has not yet filed a complaint with the police.

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