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flydubai launches 3 routes to Saudi Arabia in 6 days

Amazing, in just 6 days, flydubai has launched 3 routes to Saudi Arabia.

16 locations in Saudi Arabia are now served by it.

Flydubai now has 16 destinations in the Kingdom after the launch of three new flights within Saudi Arabia. It began from Dubai to Neom on March 16 and then continued to Najran two days later. It started off from Dubai to Al Qaisumah/Hafr al Batin on March 21st, the day of writing (hereafter just Al Qaisumah). They arrived not long after Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia, and Milan Bergamo.

The three options

The table below provides an overview of the three approaches. Al Qaisumah, which lies close to Kuwait and Iraq’s borders, has never been serviced by nonstop flights from Dubai. The airport hasn’t had regular foreign service before, in fact.

Things changed on March 21 when flydubai FZ837 touched down at 12:37 after a 1 hour and 49 minute trip from the UAE (see the map). Booking information reveals that in 2022, fewer than 3,000 passengers travelled between Al Qaisumah and Dubai (obviously, all transited).

The non-stop flights operated by flydubai will increase this, but it’s critical that they also focus on the significantly increased number of travelers (workers) traveling to and from Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan, among other nations.

What concerning Najran?

Najran is located quite close to the Yemen border, around 879 miles (1,414 kilometers) from Dubai. OAG data reveals that flydubai started the route in January 2015 but that it was terminated owing to the war in May of that same year. In May 2019, the airport reopened after a four-year closure.

Although it once had service from Air Arabia from Sharjah and Nesma and Nile Air from Cairo, flydubai is currently Najran’s only international airline. According to booking information, Cairo was by far Najran’s most popular foreign market in 2018. It was followed by Dhaka, Dubai (8,000), Khartoum, and Kuwait. Apart from Dubai, none had non-stops.

Top 10 nations for flydubai

The top 10 nations that flydubai will serve this summer, as measured by the number of seats sold, are shown below. One in seven flights on flydubai are to Saudi Arabia because of its importance.

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