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Greater Bay Airlines orders 15 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft.

Greater Bay Airlines (GBA), a brand-new airline based in Hong Kong, has ordered 15 737-9 aircraft from Boeing.

The contract was announced at an agreement-signing ceremony that Boeing and GBA executives attended on Friday, March 3, 2023 in Hong Kong.

In addition, GBA agreed to buy five more Boeing 787 Dreamliners as part of the arrangement.

With unmatched economics, the 737-9 will enable GBA to launch additional flights out of Hong Kong, according to GBA Chairman Wong Cho Bau. “The new order will provide GBA with excellent expansion opportunities and provide us the ability to strive for excellence in a novel approach for our beloved clients,” says the company.

With a fleet of three 737-800 aircraft that go to Bangkok, Taipei, Tokyo, and Seoul, GBA is currently a 100% Boeing airline.

Prior to the introduction of the 737-9, GBA, which debuted in 2022, also wants to bring in a number of additional 737-800s to suit its expansion needs.

Stan Deal, president and CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, said that GBA’s commitment for 737-9s was a significant endorsement of the 737 MAX series and its capacity to serve new markets. The 737-9 will continue to offer GBA’s passengers a superior on-board experience while also offering unsurpassed efficiency and reliability and reducing operating costs.

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