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Introducing you the House of GieGie at Hansar Bangkok with fine dining Italian destination at Ratchadamri

House of giegie bangkok one march 29 2024

Gie Gie – Warinda Favro partners with the Hansar Hotel heir, investing over 60 million baht in House of GieGie @HansarBangkok, a fine-dining Italian restaurant with Mediterranean style and a bar. The new venture highlights the “Mass Luxury” strategy, offering premium service at accessible prices and aiming to establish itself as a new Entertainment Place in Ratchadamri with a three-year payback period.


The House of Gie Gie Group, led by the ever-inspiring CEO Warinda Favro, has announced a joint investment of over 60 million baht with Luke Satoru, the heir to the prestigious Hansar Bangkok Hotel, in a new premium Italian restaurant situated in the heart of Ratchadamri, Bangkok. This new Italian culinary destination, House GieGie @HansarBangkok, is slated to open in April this year and is projected to turn a profit within three years.


Situated on the first floor of the Hansar Bangkok Hotel, House of GieGie @HansarBangkok occupies over 600 sq. m., embracing “Maximalism” to deliver an experience that goes above and beyond in every aspect. The Italian restaurant stands out for its fusion of Mediterranean flair, featuring excellent local and international ingredients, including premium beef cuts, a dazzling seafood platter, and fresh, organic vegetables delivered directly from Hansa Khao Yai’s farm, while skilled chefs then turn these ingredients into culinary masterpieces. House of GieGie @HansarBangkok aims to elevate the fine dining experience, promising each occasion to be special and surprising, enriched with House of Gie Gie’s brand signature – a friendly and fun atmosphere.

With a Maximalism & Botanica concept, the restaurant appeals to the moment-capturing new generation, featuring a captivating jungle-themed interior with hand-painted artwork. It aims to attract business professionals, working individuals, expat groups, and foreign tourists, with a customer base comprising approximately 70% Thai and 30% foreign visitors. Adopting the “Mass Luxury” marketing approach, it offers high-quality services at affordable prices, aiming to establish itself as a new Entertainment Place for meet-ups in the heart of the vibrant Ratchadamri area.

Divided into two main zones, the Restaurant Zone opens from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m., offering indoor and outdoor seating. This zone can also be reserved for private events, including exclusive parties and product launches.

Additionally, the Bar Zone, featuring an All-Day Bar, operates from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 a.m. and offers a drink menu that includes special and classic cocktails and the restaurant’s recipes. It also serves top wines from Italy, cigars, Scotch whiskey, and popular Single Malt options. The vibe gets turned up in the evenings with music featuring a mix of Thai and international hits from the 90s.

Inspired by this concept, House of GieGie @HansarBangkok goes beyond a typical Italian restaurant. It aspires to become a new Entertainment Place on Ratchadamri Road, welcoming guests to experience its offerings throughout the day.

For recommended menus, explore the Fig Salad with organic vegetables, served with smoked Burrata cheese wrapped in Parma ham and a special Mandarin orange salad dressing for added freshness. Other highlights are Hamachi Ceviche, AUS Ox Tongue – marinated and slow-braised for 24 hours, served with pickled cherry tomatoes, Shimeji mushrooms, mashed potatoes, and oak smoke. Additionally, enjoy Canadian Lobster Pasta and AUS Lamb Loin, imported from Australia. For dessert, don’t miss the Grand Crus Chocolate Lava served with homemade Vanilla, among other options.

Savor an array of creative new menu offerings at House of GieGie @HansarBangkok. For reservations or inquiries, contact:02 250 6891, Line: @houseofgiegie, FB/IG: House of GieGie @HansarBangkok, or Email: houseofgiegie@gmail.com.



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