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Jet Airlines seen at Paris Air Show, shopping maybe?

According to reports, the airline is looking to buy 200 planes.

Jet Airlines’ debut date is still being postponed, however there are sporadic reports about its upcoming fleet. According to the most recent information, the Jalan-Kalrock Consortium, the airline’s successful bidders, may place a sizable aircraft purchase at this year’s Paris Air Show.

Jet Airlines is considering purchasing 200 planes.

Jet Airways is now getting ready for a sizable aircraft purchase of about 200 airframes that it will probably place at the Paris Air Show in 2023. According to a Mint article, the airline would design the purchase to take into account the various requirements of the Indian domestic market and choose the aircraft’s size accordingly.

According to a source cited in the paper, “Jalan-Kalrock is in talks with aircraft OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) to place an order of at least 200 planes at the Paris airshow in June for their expansion plan for five years.”

Any possible order from Jet Airways “needs to be adequate numbers and diverse types of aircraft to ensures Jet Airways will have the necessary size equipment to serve its intended network,” according to Vishok Mansingh, chief executive officer of Vman, an aviation leasing company. He estimates that 250–300 aircraft will be required by Jet Airlines to support its 8–10 year induction plan. Past fleet rumors

The possibility of Jet’s fleet organization has been covered in the media before. According to a 2021 Bloomberg article, the Jalan-Kalrock Consortium was in talks with both Boeing and Airbus for an order of at least 100 narrowbodies, with an estimated $12 billion in spending.

Many people were curious as to whether the new planes would be American or European at the time because the plan for more than 100 aircraft appeared to be in line with the business’ long-term expansion strategy. Then came news that Jet was almost done with the purchase of 50 Airbus A220 aircraft. It was revealed in September 2022 that Jet has signed a lease with Dublin-based lessor Avolon to lease A320 aircraft.

The aforementioned plane was originally intended for the Russian airline S7 Airlines, but the war in Ukraine made it available to other potential clients. This was reinforced by posts on social media showing an Airbus A320 with Jet Airways livery.

Increase in share price

Even while it’s unclear if this aircraft order will materialize later this year, it has undoubtedly increased the value of the airline’s stocks. According to Business Today, on the news of its probable airplane order on March 6th, Jet Airlines shares increased by 5%. Also, the change occurred when the National Company Law Appellate Tribunal (NCLAT) upheld the NCLT ruling from January approving the transfer of Jet’s ownership to the Jalan-Kalrock Consortium.

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