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Meter wide first class Lufthansa seats a must see

By 2025, the airline plans to invest €2.5 billion on improving its long-haul cabin options.

The epidemic provided a small lift for first-class travel. Those who fly commercially appear to be more willing to pay for roomier accommodations in addition to private jets, the ultimate in social seclusion. Our willingness to spend more money to make our trips as comfortable as possible is another trend that has us traveling less frequently.

Airlines launching updated and refurbished premium services makes sense in light of this. Now it’s Lufthansa’s turn, which on Tuesday unveiled its brand-new First Class Suite Plus concept in addition to the rest of its future Allegris long-haul cabin items. Coming to the A350: First Class Suite Plus

The Gulf carriers had hitherto dominated the market for private suites in the sky on commercial routes, but now the national airline of Germany wants to establish itself in the high-end market.

The First Class Suite Plus is a distinct double cabin with floor-to-ceiling walls, a completely closeable door, a spacious table, and two broad seats that may be converted into a cozy double bed upon request. As a part of the airline’s new long-haul offering, “Lufthansa Allegris,” it will debut in 2024 on freshly delivered Airbus A350 aircraft. Three suites with a maximum of four seats each will be on the A350s.

In addition to wireless charging stations, complete suite-width screens, shoulder sink-ins, and personal wardrobes, guests will have control over a heating/cooling system for the approximately one meter-wide seats.

Obviously, if a suite is installed on an airplane, a service concept must be created to meet the expectations of the passengers. At a table imitating the setup of a restaurant, gourmet menus will be provided at the guests’ preferred time. heavenly hotel room

On Tuesday, Berlin hosted a presentation of the Lufthansa Allegris product. The introduction of the new long-haul concepts was discussed by Jens Ritter, CEO of Lufthansa.

Every visitor has a unique concept of premium, thus we put a strong emphasis on uniqueness and exclusivity. Only at a height of eleven kilometers, the First Class Suite Plus evokes a sense of seclusion and uniqueness akin to a hotel suite.

Throughout the whole travel supply chain, Allegris provides uniqueness, originality, and premium service. The First Class Suites will be installed, and every other area of the cabin will be upgraded, thanks to a €2.5 billion investment by Lufthansa by 2025. Regular people will also be able to take advantage of these historic upgrades on the airline’s widebodies.

The Airbus A350, Boeing 787-9, and Boeing 777-9 are three new dual-aisle aircraft that will be added to the fleet. Additionally, it will be added as a retrofit to already-flewn aircraft like the Boeing 747. A total of 27,000 seats will be replaced by the airline.

Allegris executive class

Travelers in business class will also have a private suite with sliding doors, chest-high walls, a personal wardrobe, and a minibar. The center console may be retracted to make room for two persons to recline, and two suites can be joined so that two travelers can share the area.

All seats have direct aisle access and may be made into at least 2-meter-long beds. Also, they have the identical heating and cooling system as the First Class Suites seats. Moreover, Bluetooth connectivity, wireless charging, and noise-canceling headphones will all be available in business class.

All seating, lighting, heating/cooling, and entertainment controls are accessible through a tablet-sized control unit. The alternatives for business class, however, don’t stop there. Lufthansa is accommodating all passengers, which is understandable given that the premium travel market is growing and that passengers are reserving seats in the front of the cabin for various reasons.

A 2.20 meter long bed, more space and a work area, a seat with a baby bassinet, or just a private seat next to the window are available as options for seats.

Allegris premium and budget options

Those who have recently flown with the Lufthansa-affiliated Swiss airline may have already experienced premium economy, the group’s newest cabin offering. It debuted on the 12 Boeing 777-300ERs operated by the Swiss national carrier in the spring of 2022, and is now being fitted to the airline’s Airbus A340s.

The Allegris seat, on the other hand, will have additional legroom, fold-out leg supports, and the ability to adjust even further back than the existing type. Although it is embedded inside a hard shell, moving the seat will have no effect on the person sitting in the row behind you, and it will leave the position of the table and monitor unchanged (if we used emojis in articles, this is where we would insert a “both hands raised in praise”). With the introduction of Allegris, Lufthansa will also be launching something akin to a comfort version of economy.

Passengers will be able to reserve a seat towards the front of the aircraft, right behind a premium economy that will have additional legroom. Inspired by previous pandemics, people will also have the option of reserving a free seat adjacent to them.

Sustainability is important

Naturally, it would be wrong for us to discuss sustainability in relation to such a significant cabin concept overhaul today.

In addition to highlighting the reduced fuel consumption achieved through its fleet modernization project (more than 200 new short- and long-haul aircraft will be delivered to the group’s airlines by 2030), the airline also noted that the cabin product designers had used recyclable materials for all 27,000 seats, as well as for blankets, cushions, and covers.

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