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New Banksy artwork confirmed as genuine

A tree mural in Finsbury Park that appeared on a residential building overnight is the work of Banksy, the anonymous street artist has confirmed.

The artist claimed the graffiti as his own in an Instagram post on Monday, following a morning of speculation after it appeared on the building on Hornsey Road.

The artwork features swathes of green behind a pared back tree to give the appearance of leaves, with a stencil of a person holding a pressure hose next to it.

The artwork appeared on Sunday in Hornsey Road.

Residents said they were “proud and delighted” at the thought of the elusive artist choosing their street for his latest mural.

Wanja Sellers, a Hornsey Road resident who lives a few doors down from the mural, said: “We’re so proud and delighted that Banksy chose our road and chose Finsbury Park for his work.

“The bright green colours represent Islington, which is lovely, and also, of course, St Patrick’s Day, which is nice and festive.

“Choosing the colours of our borough just makes it feel like a personal message to us residents. We just feel so proud.”

Speculation had mounted through Monday morning that the work was that of Banksy, before it was confirmed to be so, with one expert saying it appeared to be a “dead cert”.

Credit: http://msn.com

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