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One-stop-service centre to tackle online scams

‘one-stop-service’ centre to tackle online scams

The Ministry of Digital Economy and Society has set up a one-stop center to fight online fraud. Victims can report crimes there without having to deal with a number of different departments or officials, according to minister Prasert Chantararuangthong.

The ministry’s collaboration with banks, police departments, the Anti-Money Laundering Office, and the National Broadcasting and Telecommunication Commission made it possible for the Anti-Online Scam Operation Center (AOC 1441), which will debut on Wednesday.

Prasert said that the AOC 1441 was meant to use sectoral integration to make it easy to deal with people who try to scam people online.

He said that in the past, people who were scammed had to contact several groups, which meant that their bank accounts would not be stopped for weeks or even months.

He also said that now that there is a center like this, people only need to report their cases, and in no more than a week, the process of freezing a fake bank account would be over.

According to the minister, the government will store victim information on a cloud service system whose security has passed an international standard.

He also said that anyone who had been a victim of internet scams could always call 1441 and talk to one of the 100 operators who were available.

The digital ministry has set up a “one-stop-service” center to fight online scams.

The Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau’s High-Tech Crime Division says that there are 700 scam and fraud cases every day, with 40% of them being e-commerce crimes.

Earlier, the Thai government said that there had been about 365,000 reports of online scams in the last 15 months, which cost the country 45 billion baht.

In case Thailand needs their help to free people who are being held on their soil, Prasert said he had already talked to neighboring countries about it.


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