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Phitsanoluk Debtor shoots herself in front on Loan Shark

About 8.30 p.m., 58-year-old Somkiat called Mueang Phitsanuloak Police Station to report that his debtor and ex-girlfriend, Kaysorn, 47, had shot herself to death at his home on the Pichai Songkram Road in Phitsanulok’s central province.

When police and medical professionals from Buddhachinaraj Hospital arrived on the scene, they found Kaysorn dead in a pool of blood. She was shot in the head, and a 22mm revolver was found on her right thigh.

Kaysorn had borrowed 50,000 baht from Somkiat, who told the police that she was unable to repay him when she visited him to negotiate repayment.

The loan shark claimed that when dealing with Kaysorn, he was patient and understanding. He told authorities that Kaysorn suddenly pulled out a gun and shot herself in the head for an unknown reason.

On that day, Kaysorn went to Somkiat’s house with his friend Chantima. In order to talk to Somkiat about her debt, Kaysorn requested permission for them to go together.

Apparently, Chantima waited outside. She rushed in after hearing a gunshot and discovered Kaysorn dead.

The police withheld Chantima’s comments about Kaysorn’s emotional state or if she was aware that Kaysorn had a gun with her.

Prapa, Kaysorn’s sister, revealed to Sanook that she had doubts regarding the circumstances of her brother’s passing. She questioned why Kaysorn needed to commit suicide at Somkiat’s home. Prapa questioned why she hadn’t done it at her own home if she was under stress.

Somkiat and Kaysorn had a relationship that ended a few months ago, according to Parkphoom Prapsiphoom, the police station’s supervisor at Mueang Phitsanulok. Whether Kaysorn’s death was a homicide or a suicide will be thoroughly investigated, according to the police.

In Songkhla province, southern Thailand, a loan shark shot a debtor eight times in the head in October of last year when he couldn’t make payments.

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