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pimp motorbike shock police officer

Two robbers who were apprehended after stealing a motorcycle late at night admitted that the vehicle was exquisitely adorned.

A racing motorcycle was taken by two youngsters, ages 13 and 14, who broke into the condo in the middle of the night. Finally, he was taken into custody by law enforcement and good civilians. Two Joe’s side of the automobile exposes how attractive and tastefully furnished it is.

He captured one group of motorcycle thieves and still managed to escape with one person at a condo, Moo 9, Nong Kham Subdistrict, today (11 January ’23) at around 3 a.m., according to a decent citizen who called the Nong Kham Police Station Radio Center.

After receiving the notification, the patrol police officers in Sriracha District, Chonburi Province, worked together to coordinate an investigation and the capture of the fugitives who were fleeing.

The police discovered that the perpetrator had been detained by residents of the apartment when they arrived at the scene of the incident. 1 boy named A (fictitious name), 14, following which the police were able to locate 1 more criminal named Mr. Bee (fictitious name), 13, (nine kilo gang leader)

The two kids claimed to have traveled on routes measuring nine kilometers. Which is the gang’s residence and moniker as it roams the streets hunting for motorcycles to ride? When you come across a motorcycle with the Honda Dream Super Cup brand, in purple, without a license plate, in good condition When they’re racing, they feel like a gorgeous vehicle.

Therefore, provide a hand to expel it. a flat-blade screwdriver to pry the key open since the car’s neck is locked Up until a condo occupant noticed it and assisted in quickly capturing Mr. A. Mr. B was able to get away, though. centering on the condominium but ultimately getting detained by the cops The good citizen who apprehended the bad guy admitted that he mistakenly thought the two kids who were approaching the motorcycles parked behind the condo were pushing the car with its neck fastened, which led to the arrest of one individual, who was then assisted by the police in apprehending another.

The patrol then grabbed the two kids and the motorcycles that were involved in the collision and sent them to the Nong Kham Police Station’s investigative squad for more research.

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