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Policeman killed, 4 injured by bomb in South

The road in front of Mai Kaen Hospital in Pattani after a bomb went off, killing one policeman and injuring four, on Tuesday night.

One policeman was killed and four injured by a bomb explosion in front of a hospital in Mai Kaen district on Tuesday night, police said.

Pol Col Torlap Lengha, the Mai Kaen police chief, said the bomb went off about 7.40pm on the road outside  Mai Kaen Hospital.

The explosion targetted a police operations team. One member was killed, Pol Senior Sgt-Maj Bari Baka, and four injured, Pol Lt Sathien Chuaprasart, Pol Sgt-Maj Wichai Kaewla-iad, Pol Sgt Ariz Trapai and Pol Sgt Ahmad Hayitayae.

All were taken to Mai Kaen Hospital.

The area was cordoned off for an explosive ordnance disposal team to examine and search for clues as to the potential culprits.

Credit Bangkok Post

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