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Policeman shot by rogue cop in noon standoff in Bangkok Province

On Wednesday, March 15, 2023, just after noon, a tense standoff in Bangkok’s Sai Mai neighborhood came to an end when police commandos shot and wounded a disturbed police officer who had been shooting rounds from his home.

The Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) reported that police lieutenant colonel Kittikan Saengboon, 51, was transferred to a hospital for treatment of his injuries.

About midday on Tuesday, he started shooting rounds into the air from his home on Soi Jiramakorn, starting the 24-hour drama.

Kittikan, a Special Branch inspector with a history of alleged mental disorder, had carried out his gunshots throughout the night.

The neighborhood’s residents have been evacuated.

In the wee hours of Wednesday, police fired 20 tear gas canisters at the house, but they were unable to smoke him out.

A Special Ops crew fired stun grenades into the home early on Wednesday morning, ending nearly 20 hours of negotiations with the gunman.

The unit was able to enter the home’s second level at 6:20 am, but Kittikan—who had barricaded himself in a room on the first floor—was not reachable.

Police with rubber-bullet weapons gathered around 8:30 am in a neighbouring soi in preparation to break into the house from the side. Negotiators kept urging the suspect to lay down his weapon and give himself up in the meantime.

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Around 12.10 PM, police commandos shot Kittikan and disarmed him, according to the MPB. His condition is unknown at this moment.

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