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THB 10,000 fine for anyone who dumps oil down Bangkok manholes

Anybody dumping oil into Bangkok sewers will be hit with a fine of up to 10,000 baht, Bangkok Governor Chadchart Sittipunt stated on Monday.

He was responding to photos of a restaurant worker pouring leftover cooking oil into a manhole. Chadchart said initial investigation revealed that the restaurant was in Chatuchak district and officers have been deployed to find the offender and hit them with appropriate fines for the pollution.

“Article 33 of the 1992 Act on the Maintenance of the Cleanliness and Orderliness of the Country prohibits the dumping of garbage, wastewater or other types of pollution onto public roads or into sewers. Violators will be fined 10,000 baht,” said Chadchart. “Those who alert officials of the violation will be rewarded half of the fine.”

Chadchart said evidence of such a pollution violation can be delivered to city officials at the district office.

The governor also said that he met with district chiefs and representatives of hawkers to discuss zones for hawkers to safely sell their products. The following areas in three districts have been marked out for hawkers so far:

• Ratchathewi: Hua Chang bridge, Soi Rang Nam, Soi Senara

• Bangkok Noi: Soi Saeng Suksa

• Dusit: Soi Sangkhalok (Vajira Hospital)

Chadchart said more areas will be considered to ensure hawkers have places to do their legitimate business while the city’s orderliness is upheld.

Credit The Nation

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