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Power bank catches fire on Air Asia flight

Air Asia Bangkok one Feb 25 2024

Chaos erupted during a flight from Bangkok to Nakhon Si Thammarat when a power bank explosion occurred, leading to a midair fire on Saturday morning. Passengers and crew onboard Thai AirAsia flight FD3188 banded together to swiftly tackle the situation.

Approximately 30 minutes after takeoff from Don Mueang airport at 7:20 am, passengers noticed smoke and flames emerging from the 15th row of the plane. Despite the initial shock, the passengers collaborated effectively to extinguish the fire within a mere two minutes.

The flight managed to proceed and landed safely at Nakhon Si Thammarat airport as planned, with no harm to the 186 passengers onboard. An initial examination indicated burn marks near the affected seats, with authorities attributing the incident to a power bank explosion. The device, found in the seat pocket, belonged to a family of seven to eight individuals who were on a vacation trip.

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