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Srettha to meet with EV investors in Germany

Srettha Bangkok one Feb 25 2024

During Deputy Prime Minister Parnpree Bahiddha-Nukara’s official visit to Germany, the government outlined plans to attract German car manufacturers to invest in Thailand’s electric vehicle (EV) industry. The aim is to leverage Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin’s upcoming trip to Germany on March 15 for this purpose.

Mr. Parnpree, who is also the Minister of Foreign Affairs, highlighted that the visit is not only diplomatic but also a strategic move to pave the way for potential investments. Among the proposed projects are the Land Bridge megaproject, semiconductor investments, establishment of a data center, and expansion of EV manufacturing in Thailand, with a particular focus on enticing German investors due to Germany’s prominence in automobile production.

Addressing Thailand’s application for OECD membership, Mr. Parnpree mentioned that the process might take up to two years, underscoring the benefits it could bring in terms of setting standards related to the environment, finance, and trade relations with developed nations.

During his visit to Mercedes-Benz in Bremen, Mr. Parnpree expressed Thailand’s commitment to promoting EV adoption and supporting potential investments by the automaker in Thailand. Discussions with Michael Frieß, Head of Production at the factory, emphasized mutual interests in EV technology and sustainability, emphasizing the importance of clean energy.

Back in Thailand, the Prime Minister’s vision of transforming the country into a “Future Mobility Hub” was announced, showcasing the government’s dedication to advancing EV technology. The EV Policy Board endorsed initiatives to incentivize energy storage system (ESS) manufacturing investments, offering support to eligible investors for submitting their plans to the Board of Investment by 2027, as confirmed by spokesman Mr. Chai Wacharonke.

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