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Premier rallies support for digital wallet scheme

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Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin is urging people who support the government’s 10,000-baht digital wallet plan to make their voices heard amid calls for a review of the scheme by economic experts. Speaking during his visit to Phitsanulok, Mr. Srettha said the government is determined to roll out the giveaway in February. The goal of the scheme is to inject money into the system and people’s pockets, he said.

Mr. Srettha emphasized that if people want the giveaway, they should make their voices heard and not let those who disagree stop it from happening. He stated that the government could use some moral support. Mr. Srettha has used his X account, an active social media platform, to rally people in support of the digital wallet policy. He assured the public that the government is open to criticism and will use public input to improve the scheme to benefit everyone.

He highlighted the advantages of injecting 560 billion baht into people’s pockets, stating that it will drive the manufacturing sector and create employment opportunities. Mr. Srettha encouraged those who agree with him and support the scheme to express their approval and show their happiness for the initiative. He added that the government needs support in order to fulfill its responsibilities.

Deputy Minister of Finance Julapun Amornvivat denied rumors that the scheme would be scaled down to only cover the underprivileged. He clarified that the fund is not being reduced from 560 billion baht to 400 billion baht as reported. Mr. Julapun, who chairs a sub-panel under the digital wallet policy committee, stated that the committee is currently gathering proposals and aims to finalize the matter within two weeks before submitting it for consideration.

The committee will review the plan, including the budget and funding sources, and make a decision on implementing the digital wallet scheme. Mr. Julapun emphasized that the scheme is intended to stimulate the economy, not solely provide assistance to specific groups. However, he acknowledged the need for careful consideration of the policy in light of criticism. He also mentioned that further study is required to determine the exact budget and ensure the effectiveness of the scheme.

Mr. Julapun stated that approximately 54.8 million people would be eligible to receive the handout, correcting the previous estimate of 56 million people.

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