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Relatives of those killed by MH370 have called for a new, modern search effort.

Families of those on board Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 have requested a new search as the eighth annual day of commemoration for those lost approaches.

A support group for the victim’s family called Voice370 has indicated that search teams may be able to find the jet using modern technologies.

The Voice370 spokeswoman said in a statement that it is of “paramount importance” to “carry out to conclusion” the hunt for flight MH370.

The team thinks that search experts, Ocean Infinity, have made “significant progress” in the previous 12 months to “improve its understanding” and better comprehend the events of 2014.

Ocean Infinity first spent some time looking for the jet in 2018, but they were unsuccessful.

At a cost of $135 million, the governments of Malaysia, China, and Australia also spent two years seeking for the aircraft before January 2017. According to Voice370, a new search might begin as early as the summer of 2023 and would operate under the “no find, no fee” principle.

According to reports, Ocean Infinity would have received up to $70 million in 2018 for locating the Malaysia Airlines jet.

The Metro claims that in March 2022, Ocean Infinity unveiled “state-of-the-art” new robotic ships that might be deployed in a new search.

Malaysian Transport Minister Anthony Loke vowed not to “shut the book” on MH370 in a message read aloud at a memorial service for the victims.

On March 8, 2014, just 40 minutes into a six-hour journey between Beijing, China, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, MH370 vanished.

Following a bird strike, a Southwest Airlines Boeing 737 MAX was forced to return to Havana, Cuba.

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