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Restaurants Promote Regional Cuisine in Casino Vicinities

Restaurants Promote Regional Cuisine in Casino Vicinities

The Thai Restaurant Association has proposed to the government the construction of an integrated entertainment complex in a secondary location, encompassing a casino, hotel, shopping mall, amusement park, and restaurants that would highlight local cuisine within the complex.

Thaniwan Kulmongkol, the association’s president, emphasized that neighboring countries have established their own casinos, attracting many Thai nationals to cross borders for gambling activities. Currently, Thailand lacks such establishments, although it boasts numerous entertainment complexes.

Following deliberations, the cabinet endorsed a report from a specialized House committee exploring the feasibility of introducing entertainment complexes with casinos in Thailand.

While acknowledging substantial private sector backing for the initiative, Thaniwan highlighted the need for further clarification on terms and conditions.

In a bid to enhance economic diversity, she recommended situating the complex in a secondary location to help alleviate disparities within the country’s tourism sector.

Thaniwan questioned the rationale behind constructing such a complex in well-known cities like Pattaya, advocating instead for lesser-known destinations to catalyze tourism growth.

She stressed the importance of infrastructural development in the designated province for such an endeavor to succeed.

Emphasizing the necessity of stringent regulations, including age restrictions and income thresholds for gambling participation, Thaniwan also pondered whether local residents should be permitted entry into the casinos. She cautioned that restricting Thai citizens from accessing these facilities might prompt them to seek gambling opportunities in neighboring nations.

Thaniwan suggested that the government incorporate a sales section for local restaurants within the complex or, at the very least, include offerings of local dishes. This strategic move, she believed, would not only create job prospects but also bolster tourism and stimulate the local economy.

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