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‘Speeding’ motorcycle rider plunges 6 metres down hole on Thonburi road

A motorcycle rider escaped death but suffered severe injuries after nosediving six metres into a hole while “speeding” down a road in Bangkok’s Thonburi district in the wee hours of Thursd

At the scene, police found the rider and a crashed Yamaha motorcycle lying at the bottom of a 6-metre-deep opening in the road surface, where Metropolitan Waterworks Authority officials had been laying an underground pipe near Soi Ratchada-Thapra 7/11 at Dao Khanong subdistrict.

Rescue workers used a stretcher and pulley to lift the victim out of the hole. Medics found the man, aged between 35 and 40, had suffered several severe injuries.

He was rushed to Somdech Phra Pinklao Hospital.

The head construction worker at the accident site reportedly told police that two left lanes of the four-lane road had been closed for pipe laying, with warning signs installed. The motorcycle rider was apparently travelling against the flow of traffic at high speed and plunged into the hole.

Police aim to question the man to find out the exact cause of the accident once his condition improves.

A similar incident happened in Bangkok in September last year, when a motorcycle rider fell into another 6-metre-deep hole, where workers were laying underground cables near Soi Ratchadapisek 10 in Huai Khwang district. The victim suffered a broken leg and several injuries. He, too, had suffered severe injuries and had to be brought up to the surface on a stretcher and via a pulley.

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