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Thai net idol assaults Suvarnabhumi Airport parking attendants

A lady seen on popular CCTV tape assaulting a parking attendant at Suvarnabhumi Airport was actually a Thai internet celebrity. The allegedly mentally ill violent woman turned herself in to the police today and gave the victim 20,000 Baht in compensation.

Yesterday, the incident’s CCTV footage became viral on Thai social media. The footage shows the 25-year-old female net idol Tarathip getting out of her vehicle, walking straight at Rawan, a female employee working the counter, and striking her in the head.

Tarathip yelled and struck the woman repeatedly till she bolted from the counter. Tarathip followed and continued to strike Rawan on the head before getting into her car.

Afterwards, Rawan spoke about the incident in an interview with Channel 3. She described how it happened on the fourth floor of the Suvarnabhumi Airport’s parking structure yesterday at or around 4 o’clock. Tarathip pulled up in front of the desk, parked her car, and asked the employee where the exit was.

Rawan pointed her in the right direction and advised her to take the exit sign, but Tarathip did not like her advice and cursed at Rawan. To preserve as proof, Rawan captured a video of Tarathip’s actions.

Tarathip grew furious after seeing the footage, according to Rawan. As shown in the video, she then came out of her sedan and started attacking Rawan.

Rawan insisted that she treat Tarathip with respect and extend the same level of courtesy to her as she would to other guests. She visited Latkrabang Hospital to obtain a health checkup after being attacked, and then she went to Suvarnabhumi Police Station to file a complaint. She suffered cuts and bruises from the attack.

Yesterday about 11:30 p.m., Taratip and her pals went to the Suvarnabhumi Police Station to meet with Rawan and recognize the accusation. According to Section 295 of the Criminal Law, Rawan was fined 2,000 Baht for injuring someone else. She expressed her regret to Rawan and gave him 20,000 Baht in compensation.

After spending a considerable amount of time trying to exit the parking lot, Taratip became irritated, which led to the incident, which she later admitted to the police. She did not understand Rawan’s tone of speech at the time and believed Rawan had insulted her.

Before becoming well-known on social media, a friend of Tarathip alleged that she had a history of mental health issues and had received treatment. She recently came home from studying abroad in Thailand. Tarathip also frequently became enraged with his family and friends, the friend continued.

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