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Thai vendor banks 10,000 baht on a traditional Thai pattern pancake

A skilled pancake vendor at Srinagarindra Train Night Market in Bangkok who created a magnificent piece of art from a pancake managed to bank 10,000 baht.

Shop owner and pancake artist extraordinaire, Wiwat “Singto” Janecharoen, posted a video of a pancake with a traditional Thai pattern on the shop’s TikTok account, nirinartyummy. In the caption he wrote…

“More detailed than the other art pancakes. Thank you, customers, for appreciating my art and giving me over ten thousand baht.”

The art pancake seen in the video is the god of wealth, also known as Thao Wessuwan. It was drawn in a traditional Thai pattern. The pancake is colourful and full of small details. Watch the video HERE.

The shop’s followers on TikTok also requested Singto to draw a mythical multi-headed character from the Ramayana epic named Ravana – Thotsakan in Thai. Singto responded to the request and later posted a video when he crafted the Thotsakan pancake on the account.

Singto gave an interview with the Thai news agency, Ejan, saying he spent over 13 hours cooking the pancake. What made the process more difficult was controlling the temperature. He added that this was the most expensive pancake that he had sold.

Singto revealed that his previous career was affected by the pandemic, so he had to find something else to do to earn enough money to take care of his family. He wanted to do something that did not require a high amount of investment so tried a pancake shop.

Singto said he started by writing messages on the pancakes, then developed his skills until he could draw cartoon characters before moving on to characters in traditional Thai patterns.

Singto revealed that he sells over 200 pancakes a day and his sister helps him at the shop. The customers who buy the expensive pancakes actually collect them, they do not eat them. The shop packs the pancake in a vacuum package or puts them in a frame and pour resin over them for the collectors.

Singto’s pancake shop is open from Thursday to Sunday from 5pm to 1am at Srinagarindra Train Night Market on Srinagarindra Road in Bangkok. Check out their art pancake on the Facebook page Sin Aroy Srinakarin Train Market or TikTok account nirinartyummy.

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