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Thailand looks to upgrade Firearms ownership laws

The draft weapons act, which mandates that all privately held firearms and ammunition be registered with a government body, has received approval from the Cabinet.

The draft act was passed on Tuesday, according to deputy government spokesman Rachada Dhnadirek, in response to an increase in crimes involving firearms.

Rachada Dhnadirek

She continued by saying that the ineffectiveness of the existing policies necessitated this revision. Police are not authorized by law to search suspects who might be in possession of weapons.

According to her, an inspection can only be carried out if there is solid proof that the suspect is in possession of firearms and intends to use them in a crime.

All guns and ammunition must be registered under the proposed proposal, which amends the 1947 Firearms Act.

The draft law, according to Rachada, also attempts to forbid the importation of weapons, particularly those of a military nature.

As stated in the proposed law:

• Anybody in possession of a firearm or ammunition must register it within 180 days to avoid legal repercussions.

• Anybody in possession of military-grade weapons or ammunition has 180 days to surrender them to the nearest military unit. These items will become state property right away and the military will not be compensated.

• Any information obtained on privately held firearms will be made available in the course of criminal investigations.

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