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Thailand targeting A-List stars

A list stars BANGKOK one Feb 28 2024

With the goal of positioning Thailand as a festival hub in Southeast Asia and attracting more international concerts, the government is strategizing to engage with top record labels and concert organizers to discuss the advantages and challenges of hosting such events in the country and identify areas for improvement.

Minister of Tourism and Sports, Sudawan Wangsuphakijkosol, emphasized that the objective of these discussions is not to provide funding but to gather insights on the necessary facilitation required for successful international events, benefiting both organizers and attendees. The focus is on enhancing the infrastructure to establish Thailand as a prominent destination for global concerts, ensuring seamless experiences for both event organizers and attendees throughout their time in the country.

During a recent forum in Bangkok, Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin referenced Singapore’s exclusive deal to host Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour in Southeast Asia as a model worth considering for Thailand.

Discussing possible investments in infrastructure, Minister Sudawan highlighted the potential need for facilities like a large-scale indoor concert hall, an area where Thailand currently lacks sufficient resources.

The outcomes of these conversations will offer valuable insights for the government to address existing challenges more effectively. By involving relevant authorities such as the Transport Ministry to resolve issues related to traffic and transportation, the government aims to streamline the process for hosting international events.

The targeted companies for these discussions include industry experts such as Tero Entertainment, Warner Music Group, and Sony Music Entertainment. The overarching goal is to comprehensively understand the market structure, identify barriers, and ensure that any investments made yield positive economic returns.

Beyond attracting A-list artists, Thailand aims to welcome artists of all scales, providing a platform for them to engage with their fan base in the region. The government foresees benefits not only from the direct spending by these artists and concert attendees but also from the global exposure to Thailand’s tourism, cuisine, and attractions when these artists share their experiences while visiting the country.

In the context of concert arrangements, Chakkarin Aungpratip, sales director at BITEC Management, highlighted the significance of factors such as the strength of an artist’s fan base, their spending power, and the availability of adequate facilities and transportation connectivity in deciding the venue and city for hosting concerts.

Acknowledging Thailand’s strong tourism appeal, Mr. Chakkarin underscored the importance of addressing challenges such as public transportation limitations within cities to further enhance Thailand’s attractiveness as a concert destination.

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