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The latest Thai police controversy is about a woman

The latest Thai police controversy is about a woman

Photos of Suchanun ‘Minnie’ Sucharitchinsri cuddling up to a close assistant of deputy national police commander Surachate Hakparn went viral amid claims that she manages a number of online gambling companies connected to high-ranking police personnel, putting her in the public eye.

When the pictures made news, Suchanun was in Singapore, which led to considerable speculation that she would flee. But instead of doing that, the young lady sped back to Thailand before stepping into the media’s direct line of fire to deny the “baseless allegations” leveled against her.

“No, I am not responsible for online casinos. Suchanun told reporters last Thursday that “someone basically tried to push me to confess to this crime and incriminate specific personalities.

She further stated that only Unit 4 of the Cyber Taskforce Police had access to her phone and sought to know how her personal images had been exposed on social media.

On July 30, Suchanun was detained on suspicion of taking part in internet gambling but was later released on bail.

The gambling case is the most recent in a line of prominent scandals that have affected the police department.

Returning fire

People have expressed disbelief that Suchanun, who is only 25 years old, could be charged with a scandal of this magnitude. Journalists and other interested parties started researching her past. Reporters visited her home province of Loei to speak with her neighbors and coworkers in order to learn more about her personality, history, and family.

On September 28, Suchanun greeted the reporters and cameras by saying, “I am here to answer your questions,” without showing any signs of fear.

She argued that she was innocent and claimed that a member of Police Cyber Taskforce 4 had attempted to coerce her into making a false confession.

Suchanun characterized herself as direct and courageous enough to handle any situation. She reportedly made reference to the ongoing conflict within the police department when she remarked, “But don’t use me as a tool.”

Just a few days before the new national police head was to be named, on September 25, armed police invaded Surachate’s home. Surachate was one of the applicants for the coveted position.

Police claimed that the probe included Surachate’s close associates, notably Pol. Col. Pakpoom Pisamai, who at the time of the incident was acting as deputy head of the Provincial Police Region 4’s investigation section.

Pakpoom allegedly accepted funds from Suchanun’s online gaming endeavors, according to police investigators.

Suchanan acknowledged sending Pakpoom many payments, but insisted they were neither bribes or other illegal funds. She added, “I just loaned him some money,” noting the low pay of police officers.

Affair with a senior police officer

Suchanan claimed that in the year 2020, while Pakpoom was working as a station superintendent in Loei, she first met him. She said that they dated for a while before she learned that he was already married.

She claimed that the two of them reconnected in late 2022 and began dating once more in early 2023.

So, on July 30, at 3 am, she called Pakpoom for assistance after being taken into custody on charges relating to gaming. He suggested she apply for bail.

Suchanun added that the pictures of her kissing and holding Pakpoom were taken in open spaces like eateries.

strong family

Suchanun is the youngest child of Chatchada Jansawang, the most significant cotton manufacturer in her area and a former Loei councilor. In Loei, her father also runs a sizable cassava trade company.

Suchanun lived a luxury lifestyle as a child, riding horses, taking care of pets (including dogs, birds, and snakes), and enjoying regular vacations abroad, despite the fact that her parents are divorced.

She relocated to Laos as a young adult after getting married to a wealthy Laotian. Before deciding to go their separate ways, the couple had one kid.

Suchanun apparently had no shortage of admirers upon his return to Thailand. In addition to Pakpoom, a source claimed that she also dated a police officer with the first initial “B” and the son of an ice plant owner.

She also spent some time studying in China. She ran a number of enterprises and imported facemasks for sale during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Her acquaintances describe Suchanun as amusing, upbeat, kind, and friendly.

She is adored, despite being a little stubborn, according to one of her previous partners.

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