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The US accuses Russia of crimes against Humanity

Russian crimes against humanity in Ukraine have been “officially determined” by the US, according to US Vice President Kamala Harris.

Ms. Harris accused Russia of “gruesome acts of murder, torture, rape, and deportation” since its invasion when speaking at the Munich Security Conference.

The charges were refuted by Moscow’s US ambassador, who also charged Ms. Harris with attempting to “demean Russia.”

At the meeting, world leaders urged support for Ukraine over the long term.

UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak declared that it was time to “double down” on military assistance.

The prime minister stated that Western partners must begin preparing for Ukraine’s future security and delivering it the weaponry it requires to protect itself right away.

On February 24, which will mark one year since Russia’s complete invasion of Ukraine, a seminar will be held in Germany.

Sunak: Currently, Ukraine’s future must be secured.

The accusers of alleged Russian crimes in Ukraine must be held accountable, Ms. Harris told the delegates.

They are attacking both our shared humanity and our common ideals, she continued.

A “widespread or systemic attack” on a specific civilian population is what the UN refers to as a “crime against humanity.”

Moscow has vehemently denied that during the invasion, it targeted civilians.

The statements made by the vice president were a cynical attempt to “demonize Russia in the course of a hybrid war,” according to Anatoly Antonov, Russia’s ambassador to the US.

He continued that they were a means of “justifying Washington’s own activities to fuel the Ukrainian conflict,” alluding to the US’s armament of Kiev.

But, Ms. Harris, a former prosecutor, insisted that “When it comes to Russia’s behavior in Ukraine There is no question that these are crimes against humanity because we have looked at the evidence and are familiar with the legal requirements “.

She listed other “barbaric and terrible” atrocities that took place during the Ukrainian War, such as the discovery of numerous corpses in Bucha soon after the invasion and the bombardment of a theater in Mariupol.

Let’s all agree, Ms. Harris said, “that justice must be done on behalf of all the victims, both known and unknown.”

At the International Criminal Court, crimes against humanity are adjudicated (ICC).

The International Criminal Court (ICC) can only exercise its jurisdiction in nations who ratified the agreement that established the court; it is not authorized to detain suspects.

As Russia is not a party to that agreement, it is doubtful that any suspects will be extradited from Russia.

The three-day summit in Munich will serve as a crucial test of Western support for Kyiv as both sides in the conflict get ready for spring offensives.

Russia, according to Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, “waged a genocidal war” against Ukrainians because it believed they did not “deserve to exist as a sovereign nation.”

Included in Vladimir Putin’s invasion were tens of thousands of fatalities and millions of evictions. American and European political figures have predominated this summit. They may show their commitment and renew their support for Ukraine at this time.

To ensure the long-term security of Ukraine, Rishi Sunak urged the creation of a new Nato charter. Russia was charged with crimes against humanity by Kamala Harris.

There have, however, been dissenting opinions in the background.

Consider Saara Kuugongelwa-Amadhila, the prime minister of Namibia. She demanded a peaceful end to the conflict and spoke out against sending more weapons to Ukraine. She claimed that the recession, price increases, and broken supply chains had affected her nation.

Such widespread beliefs in Africa, Asia, and South America are what are focusing the minds of people in the United States and Europe.

Western leaders have come to the realization that they must reframe their case for safeguarding Ukraine over a year after Russia’s invasion.

When Antony Blinken and Wang Yi, the top foreign policy representatives for the US and China, met on Saturday, Russia was also on the table.

Mr. Blinken issued a warning about the repercussions should China lend material backing to Russia’s incursion during discussions at the conference in Munich.

In an interview that will run on NBC News on Sunday morning, Mr. Blinken is anticipated to claim that China is “at least contemplating delivering” lethal assistance to Russia.

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